Did we really need a sequel?

Imagine it's April 1999 and you just brought a copy of "The Coldest Winter Ever" by Sister Souljah, how old are you? Me, I'm not even ten yet. It wouldn't be until 4 or 5 years later that I got my hand on this Urban Classic. From the way Sister Souljah described the hood, to the clothes, down to the hair styles I was hooked. I longed to be Winter Santiga and wanted all my boyfriends to treat me like her. Could you blame me I was 13/14 years old I didn't no any better. There wasn't any positive love couples from the hood to look up to. I treated this book like it was my bible!

So imagine my excitement when I got word that part II was coming out 22 years later!

I was ready! But then I got the book.

If you haven't read it exit stage left now.....

The book begins with Winter on the verge of being released form her 15 year prison sentence. When Winter gets out she's going have a reality show, big bad Winter Santiga was going be live and direct on the small screen. She makes big demands for her being on this reality show. She wants designer clothes, bags, shoes, a limo, hundreds of thousands of dollars and of course she wants the one man she can't have to be there with open arms when she walks out the prison gates. Midnight, who did not want her when she was 16 nor does he want her now.

In my opinion Winter did not grow what so ever in her 15 year prison sentence. She was still a bratty, 16 year old, spoiled, hood rich, princess that thought her name was all she needed to get by. In part II Winter has an outer body experience. Why is it an outer body experience you ask? Because Winter is dead! Yep, that's right on her way out of the prison gates with her all flashy designer outfit Winter is shot and it's assumed that she is dead. The book goes on to tell a story through the perception of a dead woman. Of course by the end of the book, we find out Winter is alive however we go through 90%of the book with Winter in a coma like state.

Reading this book makes me wonder did we really need a part II after 22 years? Why did Sister Souljah go so far left with this book? What are your thoughts?

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